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Architecture and Design

At VDS, our team of experts will liaise with you to understand what you are looking for in your dream home. We will use that information and come up with multiple architectural designs that we think will best suit your requirements.

Roofing and Exterior Solutions

The roofing of any house is an important aspect as not only does proper roofing provide a good exterior for your house, but it can also protect the house from all sorts of weather conditions.

Joinery services

While there are many construction materials out there, joinery still remains a favorite of many. For those who might not know, joinery is a skill, where construction takes place with materials made out of timber and wood.

New House Building and Repairing

If you are looking to build your own home from scratch, we can help you with it. For most people, having a house built is a once in a lifetime opportunity and they are willing to go the extra mile to make sure that they get their perfect house.

Plumbing services

Proper plumbing is essential and every house has it. Houses that are constructed with improper plumbing suffer for many years to come as a single leak when left unattended can start to hamper the foundation of your house.

Electrical Services

Installing proper electrical wiring in a house is an important job as even the smallest error can lead to a hazard. That’s why care must be taken to give this responsibility to a competent person who is skilled in this area.


The kitchen is an essential part of any house; no house can be complete without one. Let us help you build your dream kitchen in your dream house. Our team of experts will listen to your ideas and will create the best kitchen to suit your needs. Whether it is open planned or closed, we can do it all.


Windows add to the beauty of any house and also allow for the entrance of air and natural lighting in your house. Correct placement of windows in carefully picked places will add to the interior of any space. Always remember the more natural light enters the space, the bigger space looks.

Removal Services

Whether your house is being constructed from scratch, or it is undergoing renovations or repair work, you will need someone to remove all that construction waste.

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About Us

Experience since 2011

VDS first opened its door to its customers on 20th March 2011. The company started off with just office renovations. Over time, it expanded its expertise in the areas of building/refurbishing houses and now has a competent team that always performs a high-quality job.

VDS also has many partner architects and designers. Together we at VDS will help you in any household construction or refurbishment matter. We are dedicated to listening to your ideas and then implementing them to make your ideas come to life.

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